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The Making of a Great Premium Cigar

Our Ruben A. Hill Premium luxury cigars are created entirely by hand with long-leaf HVA Cuban Seed tobacco wrappers; a premium binder leaf and the finest fillers. The taste produced sets our Ruben A. Hill Premium Cigars apart from the rest. Our unique exclusive signature blend makes our luxurious well handcrafted Ruben A. Hill Premium Cigars quite popular with traditionalists, connoisseurs and cigar africanos.

What is the process of making our Ruben A. Hill Premium Cigars?

In the Dominican Republic we harvested our premium tobacco leaves sorting according to color, strength, texture, size and resiliency. Ruben A. Hill Premium Cigar leaves are then separated into groups designated as filler, binder, and wrapper tobacco. Our wrappers are the highest quality of Cuban Seed HVA wrappers to create that perfect blend producing a superior rich depth of flavor taste with its unique characteristics that are extremely smooth.

After the tobacco has been processed, a blend, which is a specific combination of leaves, is prepared. Once we have harvested the selected tobacco. We move and hang our selections of tobacco for 40 to 60 days or more in our curing barn. Since we own all our blends our Ruben A. Hill Premium Cigars are made to order which not only makes them limited but highly sought after based on the high demand. During the curing process this will age the premium selected tobacco turning it from a vibrant green into a rich dark brown. This also removes certain impurities and elevates the hidden richness of the leaves. The tobacco needs fermentation.

A Luxurious Total Smoking Experience

When we set out to create our Ruben A. Hill Premium Cigars, we leveraged our reputation of being a triple gold award winning spirits brand; which set the stage to create a Ultra Premium Maduro and Connecticut cigars that would rise to the level of a “go to” that traditionalist, connoisseurs and cigar Aficionados could not only respect but enjoy time after time. We focus serious attention to our production methods, craftsmanship, extensive aging processes and rarity.

We take pride in the process from each component: the filler, the binder leaf which holds the filler together, and we use the highest quality Cuban seed wrapper leaf. All our Ruben A. Hill Premium Cigars are hand rolled using a simple method to produce a higher standard finished premium cigar. Our hand rolled skilled torcedores spend time on each hand rolled Ruben A. Hill Premium cigar using generations of handed down techniques and knowledge to ensure we deliver you the ultimate premium cigar. We have been successful in creating an enjoyable luxurious smoking, total refined experience with our rare blends of Ruben A. Hill Premium Cigars. Our Ruben A. Hill Premium cigars may feature collaborations with notable individuals, special releases commemorating significant events, or limited production runs, making them highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts.

Why Are Ruben A. Hill Premium Cigars Wrapped in Cedar?

Ruben A. Hill Premium Cigars are packaged and wrapped in cedar sleeves to facilitate aging, offer protection, and elevate their cigars’ luxurious presentation. Top connoisseurs appreciate the way Ruben A. Hill Premium Cigars cedar sleeves can influence the cigar’s taste. Let’s talk about the importance and selection of cedar wood. The reason is that Ruben A. Hill Premium Cigar boxes and our humidors are made of cedar, unlike most woods, cedar reacts positively with moisture and it’s a natural cigar beetle repellent. We go even further by wrapping our individual Ruben A. Hill Premium Cigars in a cedar sleeve. We list below the key benefits behind wrapping our Ruben A. Hill Premium Cigars in cedar.

Aging Ruben A. Hill Premium Cigars with Cedar

A Ruben A. Hill Premium Cigar’s flavor changes and evolves over time, the same as wine. Our cedar sleeve encapsulates the natural oils and aroma, encouraging a more uniform flavor profile to emerge as the cigar rests. Our Ruben A. Hill Premium Cigars absorb what is in their vicinity, like sponges, and our cedar sleeve is an ideal barrier to preserve its taste. Ruben A. Hill Premium Cigars can mellow out as they age, and there is nothing like the fragrant, rich taste of a cigar enhanced with cedar. That’s why cedar is the best wood for all humidors.

Light Your Ruben A. Hill Premium Cigar with Cedar

In addition to improving a Ruben A. Hill Premium cigar’s flavor as it ages, our cedar sleeve can be used to light the cigar. Your traditionalists, connoisseurs, and cigar aficionados will light a thin strip of cedar, called a cedar spill, on fire and light their cigar off the burning cedar. Using cedar to light a cigar prevents any residual taste from the butane in a lighter, or the sulfur on matches, from interfering with Ruben A. Hill Premium Cigars’ natural flavor.


The cedar sleeve on our Ruben A. Hill Premium Cigar offers another layer of protection, in addition to the cellophane, when our cigars are in transit or on display in a retail environment. The cedar sleeve protects the Ruben A. Hill Premium cigar’s wrapper from fingerprints and unwanted jostling inside the box.

Important ! Remove the Cedar Sleeve before Smoking

Take the cedar off your Ruben A. Hill Premium cigar before you smoke it. Aficionados, traditionalists, and cigar connoisseurs know better but rookies sometimes neglect this step. Cedar burns fast, and you’ll engulf your whole Ruben A. Hill Premium Cigar if you attempt to light it with the cedar on.